Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market is one of the most popular spots for the tourists. Since it is not easy for the first visitors to go around, I will show you the way to visit. We can do shopping, tasting and eating in this area. Many shops open at 5 or 6 AM and close at 2 or 3 PM. If you would like to have breakfast, you had better arrive there at earlier tine.
Outer Market
Sushi shop in Inner Market
  This area opens to public from 10 AM. Since many shops close at around 11 or 12 AM, I recommend you to visit there soon after the open to public (10 AM). You can feel the atmosphere of the active fish market.
Intermediate Wholesale area
Turrets are going up and down in the market. Please be careful!
  We can see the tuna auction in the early morning. It opens to the visitors from 5:25 AM to 5:50 AM and from 5:50 AM t0 6:15 AM. They accept 120 visitors/day in total. They do not accept any reservation, so we need to visit there in the very early morning.
Tuna Auction
Buyers are checking each tuna before the auction
Why don't you visit Tsukiji Fish Market in your next trip to Japan? If you have any question, please feel free to contact Office Zipang!             By Nobu